• Fall 2018
  • Meerhout, Belgium


Arcane Roots

Arcane Roots(UK)

  • Sunday
  • Back To Basics Stage
  • 12:35 - 13:10

The British press reacted full of praise to Arcane Roots’ ‘Blood & Chemistry’ (2013), the debut album of this trio from Kingston Upon Thames. Arcane Roots got named ‘the new great hope’ for British rock music. That might well be a bit  of an overstatement, nonetheless it was a very good record. Since then they released the beautiful ep ‘Heaven & Earth’ and recently the single ‘Curtains’, accompanied by a great video. The main ingredients of this band? A wonderful dynamic between dreamy and atmospheric, and bursts of rock, sharp as knives, nicely developed ideas, melodies and top songwriting! If you like your rock catchy, hard, with references to early Muse, laced with post hardcore elements and a definite Biffy Clyro or Twin Atlantic feel then Arcane Roots is something for you! Time to reserve a great spot on the bill for these guys!


  • Andrew Groves
  • Adam Burton
  • Jack Wrench