• Fall 2018
  • Meerhout, Belgium




  • Sunday
  • Main Stage
  • 14:05 - 14:45

In the late nineties we ran into these young, enthousiastic Canadian dudes at some local Belgian and Dutch shows. With their ultratight, hypermelodic and supercatchy punk rock, played at warp speed, they lit up the scene. Their record was reissued by Funtime Records and we invited them to play Groezrock in 2004. A year later they decided to call it quits. The spin-off of Belvedere, This Is A Standoff, also ended up in the warm Funtime shed, so we actually never had to miss them too much. In 2012 our buddies from Calgary got the original Belvedere line-up back together. Now, five years after their last visit to Groezrock we feel it’s time for a new Belvedere show. Especially because they released 'Revenge Of The Fifth' last year, another stunner of a punk rock album!


  • Steve Rawles
  • Scott Marshal
  • Jason Sinclair
  • Casey Lewis