• Fall 2018
  • Meerhout, Belgium


In Hearts Wake

In Hearts Wake(AUS)

  • Saturday
  • Watch Out Stage
  • 23:25 - 00:25

In Hearts Wake is one of Australia’s best metalcore bands. There has to be something in the water at Byron Bay, also Parkway Drive’s and 50 Lions’ hometown, the most eastern point of Australia. When In Hearts Wake released their groundbreaking album ‘Skydancer’ and the split EP ‘Equinox’ (with Northlane) we knew this band had to come and destroy the tent at Groezrock! The big breaks, thundering drums, ripping riffs and brutal vocals are balanced out with pure melody and great singing parts. Heavy, intricate, bombastic and dreamy, that’s the trip In Hearts Wake will take you on, if you’re up for it! Heads up if you like While She Sleeps, Buried In Verona, Northlane or Bury Tomorrow!


  • Jake Taylor
  • Ben Nairne
  • Eaven Dall
  • Kyle Erich