• Fall 2018
  • Meerhout, Belgium


Strike Anywhere

Strike Anywhere(USA)

  • Saturday
  • Main Stage
  • 17:55 - 18:45

One of the most awesome punkrock hardcore bands of the early 2000s is back. Strike Anywhere from Richmond, Virginia became an instant iconic punkrock band when they emerged. Their politically charged albums, their seemingly unlimited energy and their overwhelming, hook laden, shout-along anthems stormed punkrock stages around the world. After their fourth album ‘Iron Front’ in 2009, they took some time off. But rejoice! Strike Anywhere raises its flag again. With all original members aboard again, with tons of new material in the hold and the wind firmly in the sails, they’re ready to reign the world seas once more. Or maybe just to rock out with the kids and spread their rousing message with typical fervor by playing it loud and live all over the world! Anyway, welcome back Strike Anywhere.


  • Thomas Barnett
  • Garth Petrie
  • Matt Smith
  • Eric Kane
  • Mark Miller