Groez Bootcamp


What if you're sick of carrying all of your camping gear? 

What if you don't want to stay in a hotel?

What if you want to sleep in a tent during Groezrock with your partner or your friends but you don't want to set up your tent?

Well, especially for you we have the perfect solution : GROEZROCK BOOTCAMP.

Bootcamp offers::

We invite you to use one of our unique overnight options! How about enjoying the coziness with friends in a ready to use Army tent including cots? Or maybe you prefer a romantic place? Whatever your choice is, it will be a special experience.

Groez Bootcamp is situated next to the regular campside where other festival guests set up their own tents. Showers are located at the Groezrock Camping, and there are comfortable lounge areas and several posibilities to relax after a day at the festival. Camping ticket is included.

Via Campsolutions we can offer you a lot of options:

For example : a basic tent for 1 person, luxurious tents for 8 persons or army tents for even 16 persons.

With or without carpet, chairs, table, door mat, bed,...

You can choose between :

  • Army tent
  • Regular (2 seconds tent)
  • Sahara
  • Tipi
  • Yurt
  • ...

There's something for each budget.


Take a look at and book your stay at Groezrock 2017.


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