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Ahaaaa... GROEZROCK 2016

30 September 2015

We don’t know about you, but we had a blast this summer!

We spent quite some time sitting on our asses in the sun, while sipping cocktails and enjoying Sven Van Hees’ latest lounge set.

And we hung out at a whole bunch of great festivals drinking beer and missing most of the bands we actually wanted to see.

Anyway, now that summer is over, we have to get back to work to make next year’s Groezrock a reality. And seeing as this will be our 25th anniversary edition, we are aiming for something truly memorable.
First things first though. We will be announcing a very special limited early bird ticket sale on our Facebook page very soon.

See what we did there to emphasize the fact that these tickets are limited? Oh, and they’re 25 euros cheaper too. Keep your eyes and ears open if you want one of those bad boys.

But hey, maybe we'll give you one for free if you can hook us up with Kanye West's booking agent. Or we'll give you 10, if you can bring every Ramone back to life!

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