END PRESALES, WEDNESDAY 12 o'clock (noon)

24 April 2016

Dear visitors,

The end of GROEZROCK ticket presales is coming closer. At this moment you still can buy your tickets at a cheaper presales price. This deal runs until Wednesday 12 o'clock (noon). Afterwards you still can buy tickets on our website at box office price. (Still through:

We are very pleased that the turnout for our 25th anniversary is going to be huge. In fact, there are more e-tickets sold in advance than there were visitors last year. It's a pleasure to notice that you all want to come to our party and blow out these 25 candles.

EXTRA info:

For all of you that didn't know : you can find the timetables for the acoustic performances by American Socks (near the Watch Out stage) and the signing sessions in co-operation with Gretsch guitars (also near the Watch Out stage) on

Signings Friday:

Signings Saturday:

Acoustic Sessions:

All Timings:

Plan your way through the 2 days of GROEZROCK and we will meet within a few days.

Kind Regards,

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