Final Line Up with No Use For A Name & Friends, Caliban and We'rewolves

11 April 2016

Now that the sun is shining, we are readier than ever for the 25th anniversary edition of GROEZROCK. It’s less than three weeks from now! Are you excited? We are.

But you still wanted more names, right? Well, here are the final three names that will round out this year’s line-up.

As you know, Rancid will be playing ...And Out Come the Wolves in its entirety, but now we have some actual wolves joining us. You might have caught these guys at last year’s pre-show, where they were so good we just had to have them on the festival. Influenced by everyone from The Bronx and Valient Thorr to Doomriders and OFF!, Belgium’s WE'REWOLVES will make you go so crazy you’ll think there’s a full moon out.

No need to look any further for tunes that will make you go batshit crazy in the pit. We already took the precaution of alerting Belgium’s Royal Observatory that they might experience some tremors once this next band starts playing. There is no way around it, Germany’s Caliban is a force of nature. It will be their 5th time here, and they’ll be presenting their bright shining new 10th album, ‘Gravity’.

And then the final name. At Groezrock you can witness beautiful, mindblowing or life-altering musical experiences. Now, with immense pride, we can say we are able to present something that will fit precisely in the categories mentioned here. It’s the stuff of legends, and a fitting salute to one of the most wonderful punkrockers of the last few decades, Tony Sly. Tony made the greatest songs, his band, No Use For A Name, was a punkrockpowerhouse we unfortunately had over only once in the history of GROEZROCK. Tony was also an extremely nice and lovable guy and when he suddenly passed away, he left behind a beautiful family, a great musical legacy and a lot of friends! These friends are now teaming up with former No Use musicians Matt, Rory, Dave and Scott, to bring you this unique and exclusive show. All the best No Use songs, played by No Use, sung by Tony’s friends, and you! It’s not going to get more special than this.You are probably wondering who those friends are? Well, that is one cat we won’t let out of the bag just yet. Guess you will just have to find out at GROEZROCK.

See you there!

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