GROEZROCK 2016 Festival Market by Hardlife Promotion

28 March 2016

GROEZROCK 2016 Festival Market by Hardlife Promotion

Not only the festival is celebrating its anniversary, the festival market is celebrating too. Hardlife Promotion is taking care of the festival market for the 15th year in a row!

For this edition the festival market will have its traditional market in the big market tent, but there will also be a new addition to the market. We have a pop-up store village as well! In this pop-up store village you will find distros, clothing brands and festival goodies but also lots of NGOs and even a barbershop!

Don’t worry, the big festival market, like you are used to in the tent, still exists. Here you will find a wide variety from record labels, band merchandise, clothing brands and even accessories for your guitars! A complete overview below.

These are our Pop-up stores:

Bite Back, Cosmos Jewelry & Piercings, Hardcore Help Foundation, Homesick, Iron Fist & Hyraw, Jordy’s Barbershop, King Cobra, Maverix Supply, Mr Waterpijp, Musketon, Reflections Records, Shield Recordings, Sea Shepherd, Shack Clothing, Wim De Wilde

These traders can be found in the Festival Market tent:

51North Clothing, Abandon Ship, Animal Rights, Basick Records, Beatdown Hardware, Big Scary Monsters, Buckaneer Merch, Call It Home Cloth., Candyfloss, Death Shred!, Evil Greed, Faceburn, Fat Wreck, Fender, Flesh & Blood Apparel, Follow The Woods, Funtime Records, Green Hell, Guerilla Asso, Hole Hearted, Holy Roar Records, Home is Where Your Heart Is, Impericon, Kings Road & Epitaph, La Agonia de Vivir, Mysticum Luna, De Nieuwste Rages, NoReason/Rude Records, Pierced Heart, Reality Records, Rebel Rockers, Rock ’n Load, Sleepwalker, The Limit Records, Useless Pride Records

Goodie Bags:

Like the previous editions, we will have goodie bags available as well! Make sure you don't miss out on these bags, containing collector's items coming from record labels, distros and brands all over the world.
Don’t sleep on it, they are limited. Pick them up for free at the Hardlife Promotions booth.

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