Thrice, Ignite, H2o, Turning Point, Belvedere and ... Happy Holidays

26 December 2016

Ho ho ho,

Christmas is almost upon us. About time we stuffed some new names in your socks!

In case you have been living under a rock, Thrice is back in a major way! They released their excellent new album, “To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere”, earlier this year and will deliver a blistering mix of new songs and classics alike.

Two bands, who over the years have already played at GROEZROCK not once, not twice, but Thrice :-) , are none other than H2O and Ignite. And guess what? They will be back a fourth time! Because… you know, it’s H2O. And Ignite. Who released their new album, “A War Against You”, earlier this year.

Making their first appearance are New Jersey straight edge outfit Turning Point, who got back together earlier this year for This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia, and Oathbreaker, who released an album that can be found in a lot of end of the year lists. And deservedly so. “Rheia” is as punishing as it is beautiful. The Canadian skatepunks known as Belvedere also dropped a new album this year and will be happy to show what they are all aboot.

We also added UK folk punks Skinny Lister, Dutch punkrocker Tim Vantol (who will be playing with a full band) and sludgy metalcore outfit He Is Legend to the line-up. But why stop there? It’s the holidays after all, the time of year when we feel extra generous. So here are three more names. Ready?

Petrol Girls are looking to start a fire at Groezrock with their feminist take on post-hardcore, Bent Life want you to mosh like crazy in the key of Terror and Hatebreed and AJJ (formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad) simply want you to have an awesome time.

That’s it for now. We will be back next year with merry more names.

Happy Holidays from GROEZROCK!!

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