• Fall 2018
  • Meerhout, Belgium




  • Saturday
  • Main Stage
  • 20:40 - 21:40

Underoath burned bright. Maybe a little too bright. From their early beginnings in 2000, it was clear it was a hyper talented band. But come 2012 and this all-out post metalcore institution was all burned up and called it quits. Up until then Underoath played at Groezrock three times already. It doesn’t happen that often that a metalcore band gets nominated for a Grammy award, or that they reach the top of the Billboard album top 200. Not that the band pursued prizes like this, it goes to show the huge support they gathered. But things couldn’t go on at the pace they were going. Underoath raced all over the world multiple times in those twelve years. So the band’s ending was predictable. Four years later they decided to play a reunion show at the Self Help Festival. And the old saying goes ‘One is none…’ and furthermore ‘two becomes three’ and now here we are, 2017, and Underoath is playing a reunion tour called ‘Rebirth’ with band members Aaron Gillespie, Grant Brandell, Spencer Chamberlain, Chris Dudley, James Smith and Tim McTague! They’re playing tons of shows from Australia to the US, from Europe to the UK. And off course there's no way Underoath can leave Groezrock out of their schedule


  • Aaron Gillespie
  • Christopher Dudley
  • Timothy McTague
  • Grant Brandell
  • James Smith
  • Spencer Chamberlain