• Fall 2018
  • Meerhout, Belgium




  • Sunday
  • Back To Basics Stage
  • 19:45 - 20:40

Well known cartoon figure Obelix (from the Asterix albums) fell in a tub of magic potion when he was little, which gave him super strength for life. We are guessing something similar happened to Toby Morse. Instead it must have been a tub of antidepressants in his case, which makes him the ultimate advocate for PMA! With his H2O-brothers Todd Friend, Todd Morse, Rusty Pistachio and Adam Blake he’ll be bringing his beautiful humanistic message, backed by an abundance of decibels. H2O’s pure energy, honest and passionate songs, potent breakdowns and perfectly balanced punkrockcore makes them a natural Groezrock band. We know what to expect and hope for, as this will be their fourth Groezrock performance. If things don’t get too weird, this show will be the punkrock party of the weekend. You can start jumping, piling, pointing, moshing, stagediving and circlepitting already, ‘cause H2O is here, and Groezrockers, use your voice!


  • Toby Morse
  • Todd Friend
  • Todd Morse
  • Rusty Pistachio
  • Adam Blake