• Fall 2018
  • Meerhout, Belgium




  • Sunday
  • Back To Basics Stage
  • 13:40 - 14:15

In 2013 we proudly announced Nothington like this: ‘four guys who are a no-nonsense-no-shit-let’s-just-fucking-rock-band’. This statement is still 100 % true, actually we’re even bigger fans of these Bay Area punkrockers now. Because their new record, released earlier this year, ‘In The End’, is truly amazing! You might remember this band consists of ex-Tsunami Bomb and ex-Enemy You members and sounds like a perfect mix between Hot Water Music, Off With Their Heads, Red City Radio, Banner Pilot, Dear Landlord, The Lawrence Arms and you know, sweet stuff just like that. With the biggest hooks, the most honest emotions, the toughest riffs and the gruffest voices. If Nothington’s show at Kavka in Antwerp, a few months ago, is anything to go by, this Groezrock show, their second so far, will be one legendary sing-along party!


  • Jay Northington
  • Chris Matulich
  • Luke Swarm
  • Ryan Donovan