About Groezrock


Friday 01/05/2015 - Saturday 02/05/2015


Every last weekend in April (early May), there’s a small earthquake in a small village called Meerhout (Kempen Area). It’s time for the annual GROEZROCK fest. During the past years this festival grew from a small venue (cap. 400 visitors) to an international punk/hc/emo/ska/rock festival with 40.000 visitors from Belgium, Netherlands, England, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, USA, Canada, ...

GROEZROCK, by tradition the festival season opener in Belgium, offers the best punkrock, hardcore, rock, emorock, scream(emo), ska, or simply exceptional music of today and tomorrow. GROEZROCK has become one of the largest punkrocking festivals in Europe.

To be honest, we never expected something like this. We saw more and more campers each year. So 11 years ago our local youth club JC HORIZONT started with a camping festival on friday called POSITIVE MIND. This camping festival exploded a few years ago with over 10.000 people.

In the early years the festival took place on a pasture near the GRASHEUVEL (a street in Meerhout–Gestel: Grasshill). The region’s dialect for GRASS is GROEZ

Hence the name GROEZROCK

Anyway from now on we officially have two GROEZROCK festival days with 5 stages.

This year we're celebrating #24 with 2 full days of your favourite music. Pretty cool isn't it ?