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Finestvinyl.de announces exclusive & limited blood red Groezrock Vinyl Compilation

April 18, 2014

While Record Store Day is just around the corner proving each year how important the vinyl record is for the music community, the German vinyl mailorder specialist finestvinyl.de announces number one in a planned Groezrock Vinyl Compilation Series: the Groezrock 2014 Vinyl Compilation. finestvinyl.de and the makers of Groezrock Festival in Belgium (presenting the cream of the crop in the hardcore/punk world each year in late April/early May and kicking off the festival season pogo-style) put their heads together and reflected how good it would be to press the festival feeling on vinyl.

Said and done.

What we find on the Groezrock 2014 Vinyl Compilation is a batch of rare, exclusive or simply fantastic tracks by bands appearing on this year’s Groezrock Festival. Strictly limited to 500 units worldwide the Groezrock 2014 Compilation will be pressed on blood red vinyl and will be available exclusively on finestvinyl.de.

On board this year you will find tracks by BOYSETSFIRE, LA DISPUTE, TOUCHÉ AMORÉ, GAMEFACE, THE SMITH STREET BAND, BODYJAR and many more.

Side A
Boysetsfire - "Until Nothing Remains"
Touché Amoré - "Anyone/Anything"
Gameface - "Swing State"
La Dispute - "First Reactions After Falling Through…"
PUP - "Reservoir"
Elway - "Someday, Sea Wolf"
Fabulous Disaster - "Spider Bite"

Side B
Restorations - "D"
The Smith Street Band - "Bigger Than Us"
Bodyjar - "Your Racist Friend"
Apologies, I Have None - "Raging Through The Thick…"
Red City Radio - "Help Save The Youth Of America…”
Funeral Dress - "The Last Call"

PRE-ORDER (currently not available at GROEZROCK)