• Fall 2018
  • Meerhout, Belgium


Stick To Your Guns

Stick To Your Guns(USA)

  • Saturday
  • Back To Basics Stage
  • 21:40 - 22:40

Orange County hardcore kings Stick To Your Guns make it a habit to present new music on Groezrock. 2017 is their fourth appearance here in Meerhout-Gestel. In 2010 they presented ‘The Hope Division’, in 2013 it was time for the ‘Diamond’ show and in 2015 they dropped a bomb on the stage with 'Disobedient'. Now they’re here to make you jump up and down to the tunes of the ‘Better Ash Than Dust’ EP. The right ingredients are in place, the brutal metalcore, the swinging melodies and hardcore twist, including lots of gang vocals. As if you need another reason to check out this party! Let Stick To Your Guns blow you away once more, throw those fists and shout along. If you feel the need for a decent bit of moshing madness, Stick To Your Guns is where you want to be!


  • Jesse Barnett
  • Chris Rawson
  • Josh James
  • Andrew Rose
  • George Schmitz