• Fall 2018
  • Meerhout, Belgium




  • Sunday
  • Back To Basics Stage
  • 14:45 - 15:25

When Brutus from Leuven was here for the first time, two years ago, we called them "a trio experimenting with interesting and loud music. Postrock, punkrock, sludgy stoner, soundscapes, those are the different elements that Brutus put in their mix". Since then, drummer-singer Stefanie Mannaerts, guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden and bassist Peter Mulders have taken another step towards perfecting their sound. After years of intensive playing, raising some roofs or at least some gutters, this year they finally released ‘Burst’, their debut album. Tight like a fist, solid, explosive and dynamic, "Burst" is a top rock record! Brutus remains a unique, original and idiosyncratic band. Come immerse yourself in this show: it’s going to be legendary!


  • Stefanie
  • Stijn
  • Peter