• 21 September 2024
  • Meerhout, Belgium



30 March 2019

Dear GROEZROCKers, we’re very proud to finally share our complete poster and line-up with you. 

Now, let’s clear the air about a thing or two. See, we noticed some of you were asking for more “huge headliners” and “famous bands”.

We fully understand your wish to see and hear all your favorites. For quite some years, we even happily obliged.

But we made a very conscious, albeit headstrong decision.

You see, over the past few years (and especially during our sabbatical year) we have started to feel the urge to invest more than ever in new, up and coming bands. They deserve the opportunity to play a bigger stage, to experience the support from a bigger festival such as GROEZROCK.

Honestly? This is simply essential for the wellbeing and future of our “scene”.

If you don't know a band that’s on our line up, it's not too late to do some research on our website and all of your own social media channels. You might be surprised

That being said, we’re so stoked about all the young talent and great established “bigger” bands we have lined up for you. We really hope you’re just as excited as we are for another weekend of GROEZROCK 2019-goodness.

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