Even though we promised you 25 names, it’s actually 33!

05 December 2018

Did you already recover from our headliner announcements? We sure haven’t. Just think about it: a party with Jawbreaker and Dropkick Murphys … Sheesh! And there’s still so much more to be announced. Better keep reading, people!

Even though we promised you 25 names, it’s actually 33. So let’s not waste too much time and do like the Ramones… Hey, ho! Let’s go!

Which immediately brings us to Marky Ramone with Greg Hetson. That’s a real Ramone and a Bad Religion-icon, together on stage, treating you to a fine selection of Ramones classics. Oh, and you can even join Greg Hetson on stage during Punk Rock Karaoke. Fun times ahead!

All you hardcore fans needn’t worry about having to endure too much punk rock, by the way. We got you covered with legendary hardcore bands Bold, No Warning, Morning Again and the recently reunited One King Down. Also, if you missed Stick To Your Guns, Counterparts and Employed To Serve on their recent tour together, that’s okay. We went ahead and booked them all. Along with Emmure, Backtrack, Defeater, metallic hardcore stars Obey The Brave and the melodic hardcore stronghold that is Such Gold.

A little less hardcore, but none the less legendary: Good Riddance, Dog Eat Dog and progressive rockers Coheed & Cambria are all scheduled for a visit in Meerhout. They probably don’t want to miss Samiam’s 30th birthday party.

You want some emo? Good, because Joyce Manor is coming. You want more guitars? Restorations has three! More street punk? The Last Gang is here for you. Folk and Americana? Well, how about The Rumjacks, and Dave Hause & The Mermaid. You want quinoa rock? Yes, that’s a thing. Just ask Australia’s Horror My Friend.

Nope, we’re still not done yet …

Teenage Bottlerocket will be back at Groezrock, along with The Word Alive, Can’t Swim, Doll Skin and Chaser. And you should really go check out Goodbye Blue Monday, the best thing to come out of Scotland since… well, whisky.

Last but not least, we have three more Belgian top acts: the almighty doom and gloom of Amenra, pop-punk powerhouse For I Am and Europe’s best Rage Against The Machine tribute band Bulls On Parade.

That about wraps it up for now, leaving us with around 30 more names to follow. And if you luxury punks want to pull up in style, you can get your VIP tickets NOW!

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