• 21 September 2024
  • Meerhout, Belgium


Next Band: Skin Of Tears

19 March 2019

Skin of Tears is one of the longest (since October 1991) running and funniest punk rock bands from Germany.

In this early years as a "Four Guy Band" but now as a "Power Trio" on the road playing melodic Punk-Rock and Hardcore with almost every style wich could be involved (Reggae, Ska, Rumba, Polka, Grunge…) in the Music.

Fresh, tasty and every Song is absolutely SOT.

Fun fact: They played GROEZROCK the first time waaaay back in 2000 - It's about time to have them back!

On stage: Saturday 27th April - GROEZROCK 2019

Tomorrow we might drop 3 bands - Think Metalcore / Hardcore / Melodic Hardcore.....

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