TIRED of dragging your beer to the festival?

28 February 2019

Ahhh, just imagine a warm spring day at the end of April … after travelling all the way to Meerhout, you arrive at the campsite of your favourite festival - GROEZROCK.

Your back is aching from carrying all that heavy stuff, you spent an hour struggling to set up the tents with your buddies, but then you can finally sit down in your camping chair.

Are you missing anything in this picture? Beer of course!

What if we told you that INSTEAD of carrying your weekend's supply of Jupiler with you to the festival, you can just arrive in peace and collect your pre-ordered, pre-COOLED tray of 24 x 33cl cans at the campsite itself? Pretty great stuff, right?! We've got you covered!

You can now pre-order a tray (or 5, 6, 7, … no one's stopping you) of 24 33cl beer cans for €25 per tray, and receive a voucher in return. With this voucher, you can pick up your beer at the camping party tent whenever you please! Click the link below to order your beer trays

Order your trays NOW at :

Oh… and if everything goes right/well we’d like to present you the final 10 names next week and thus our complete line up.

You can already check which band is playing on Friday or Saturday on our website

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