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Present at Groezrock: ‘'.

Do you want to camp at the festival camping, but you don't have all the camping gear? No worries, you can find all kinds of camping material in the Camping Shop. From tents to air beds, from toothbrushes to toilet paper, from torches to condoms and from cutlery to ... sh*ttt I forgot my slippers. You can find it all here, at reasonable prices. You can also find a lot of refreshments in the shop.
Take a look at : You can order your camping gear here in advance and pick it up at the campsite. Easy!


You can choose to pick up your order for FREE at the Tentenzo Camping Shop. The Tentenzo Camping Shop is located at many festivals in Holland and Belgium. Click here to select a pick-up point and.. You do not have to carry your heavy camping gear to the festival!



The range is fully geared up to the festival visitor, handy, indispensable and affordable. Everything you need when going to a festival like CAMPING material, PARTY & TYPICAL FESTIVAL items, and some TRAVEL products.

We provide you everything to make your stay more comfortable at a (festival)camping. From festivaltent to pillow, from plastic cutlery to toothbrushes and from beer to condoms.

We have it all: Small tents, big tents, popup tents, chairs, mugs, flashlights, air beds, sleeping bags, condoms,.. . You name it, the has it.

How do you pick up your order?

1. Place your order
2. Select : COLLECT at Festival : Select GROEZROCK
3. Proceed to Checkout
4. Collect your items at the GROEZROCK CAMPING.

You can order at

Blow up your air mattress

You don't have a pump, you're out of breath, or you just don't feel like blowing...then we will take care of this job. 

Charge your phone

The battery from your phone is (nearly) empty? No fear! You can recharge your mobile phone at the festival. You don't even have to leave your phone behind. You can rent a PowerBank at Tentenzo, which will charge your phone while it's in your pocket. This way your phone is always ready for use so you can twitter, app, take selfies like crazy and very important..take cool pictures of the festival with #GROEZIE


We're ready to help you 24/7.



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