Accessability for disabled people

Intro - INTER

In cooperation with INTER,formerly known as Intro vzw, GROEZROCK will go the extra mile in making the festival accessible for disabled people. If you need more information or wish to use the accessible facilities, please contact

INTERĀ Assistance

Do you need assistance when moving around the festival grounds, when you would like to enjoy a meal or when you would like to use the bathroom/toilet? Then you can appeal for assistance on behalf of an INTER-assistant, whom you can recognize by means of the white vests they will be wearing. You will find them on the raised platforms.

ADL Assistance

If you encounter any problems with your wheelchair or any other medical device, please refer to an ADL-assistant. He or she will aid you in finding a solution.

Special Care

At the Main Stage, a specially reserved platform can be found where people in wheelchairs, people walking with crutches, visually impaired people, people with autism spectrum disorder, etc. can thoroughly enjoy the performances on stage. If you wish to use these platforms, please contact


Guide dogs and service dogs are more than welcome.

Toilets and showering

Toilets for disabled people can be found within the regular toilet facilities.

Adapted toilets and showering facilities for disabled people are also present on the camping ground of the festival.


If you want to camp at GROEZROCK, we reserved a special spot close to the entrance/exit. In case you would like to put your tent there, you need to make a reservation at


There will be a separate car park for people with disabilities. In order to use this special car park, you'll need to register at Intro with a valid medical certificate. Deadline for these reservations/registrations: 19th April. You need to make a reservation at

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