Lockers are available at the 24u Zone (camping and festival ground) and in the VIP-area.

24u Zone (camping and festival ground): 24/24

VIP area:

  • Festival, Friday: 15.00-02.00
  • Festival, Saturday: 11.00-02.00


  • M: ca. 27 x 40 x 23 cm
  • L: ca. 29 x 40 x 37 cm


  • 24u Zone Lockers (1 day): € 7
  • VIP Zone Locker (1 day): € 7

At the small size lockers (M), you also have the opportunity to charge your mobile phone (Only at Press/Vip area (50%) - Not at the 24u Zone). Meanwhile you can go party with your friends and after an hour or two you can collect your mobile phone.

Reservations: More info ASAP

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