Police Reception Point

Reception Point

The police has a reception point on the festival site at the 24h zone. The 24h zone is the zone that's situated between the festival site, the campsite and the area where the camping parties take place.

This reception point can be consulted for:


  • reporting of stolen items, ...
  • collecting of lost and found items (check first at the Lost & Found booth)
  • reporting of crimes (theft,...)

The reception point is situated at the central gathering field (24h zone), right behind the main entrance, just beyond the entrance to the festival site and near the lost & found booth.

Opening Hours:

Friday 10.00 - 02.00
Saturday 11.00 - 02.00
Sunday 07.00 - 14.00

Lost objects

During the festival: Please check first at the Lost & Found booth at the 24h Zone. If it's not there, you can check at Police Reception Point.
Lost objects will be confiscated by the Meerhout police after the festival and they will publish this asap on their website. Please have a look at .To retrieve them after the festival, contact the police directly on phone number 32(0)14/564.700 or email Politiezone Geel, Laakdal, Meerhout


The police will use Twitter and Facebook to communicate about the accessibility and the safety on the site and the surrounding areas.
In all tweets hashtag GR2019 (#GR2019) and #GROEZROCK will be used. A selection of these messages will also be posted on the Facebook page from the police district. A communications officer of the police will be present at the festival site from 17h until 23h on Friday, from 12h until 24h on Saturday and from 7h until 12h on Sunday.

Facebook and Twitter should not be used for urgent reports or emergencies. Therefore you need to contact the number 101 or the local number of the police district 0032 (0) 14 56 47 00. For the fire brigade or medical assistance you need to contact the number 100.


In case of evacuation of the festival site, following general regulations apply for leaving the neighbourhood:

on foot: via Oude Baan and Bokkenrode to the church hall of Meerhout Berg (Sint-Jozeflaan)
by car : via Olmsebaan, in the direction of Balen
public transport : via Oude Baan, Bokkenrode, Olmsebaan and Weversberg to the center of Meerhout where buses will be waiting
pick up by family or friends : via N102-N110, Mgr Cruysberghslaan, Netelaan, Neerstraat, Kerkplein, Hoogstraat and back via Netelaan, Mgr Cruysberghslaan and then direction N110.

The most recent information will be communicated through Twitter and Facebook.

A communications officer of the police will be present at the festival site from noon to midnight.


In the past there were some thefts out of tents, pickpockets of mobile phones, wallets,... Make use of the lockers provided to store all your valuables. These lockers can be found on the 24u Zone, the campsite and the VIP area..


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